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Worthy Words // Explore Life

This quote is occupying my thoughts this week. I love exploring – winding up in side roads, discovering great finds, sitting in little nooks, uncovering quaint family-run cafes, and unearthing a great spot to watch the sunset. These off-the-track discoveries always make a place special and memorable for me. pling thinks…life is so too. If you are now wandering off the beaten track, differing from the usual route that most would choose to take in life choices, career paths or even in your character traits, take heart that this side road can be great too!

Bag Magic Workers // Mirrco Shoe and Handbag Repair Service

{ UPDATE } I’ve gotten news from our blog readers and friends that they no longer do bags or zippers, and only service luggage and suitcases. A pity, really! My Head Porter bag is still working 3 years after they repaired it. Do you have one bag that you absolutely love, and feel disheartened when the zipper spoils or the lining becomes tattered and torn? My favorite Head Porter bag has been lying in a corner of my closet for the longest time. It’s a bag that I would love to bring on trips because it’s light, has many compartments and roomy enough for essentials while on the road. One fine day, the zipper no longer worked. I had no choice but to relegate it to oblivion. I’m going on a trip soon and I thought about this bag again. In a desperate attempt to have the zipper replaced or repaired, I visited 6 shops – a variety of shoe repairs, seamstress, and alteration shops. They all said they can’t repair this, or the zipper …