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Places that I have visited in Tokyo, Japan

Ghibli Museum // 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

When I first watched ‘Spirited Away’ in a film festival, I was so inspired that I went digging around to watch all of the animation films that Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎駿) directed. Before long, I’m in love with the works of Ghibli Studio – from the famous ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ to ‘Laputa: Castle in the Sky’, to the awe-inspiring ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and the tear-jerking ‘Grave of the Fireflies’. Strong story-telling, inspired imagination, vivid background details and magical characterization in these animation films made it a must for me to visit the Ghibli Museum (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館). Traveling all the way to Mitaka (三鷹市), a little town in Tokyo, Japan, what filled us with anticipation was this ivy-covered building, a wrought-iron spiral staircase and a glimpse of Miyazaki’s Robot on the rooftop garden. We trekked to the ‘false entrance’ to meet Totoro, posing as the ticket-seller to the museum, accompanied by the ‘soot spirits’ (or the little black balls). Of course, remembering to take a shot of the signboard and liking the silhouette cut-out. Let’s head to the …