Hello lovelies! My name is Tracy.

This is a little haven which I indulge in thinking and writing about my daily inspirations. It is my way of celebrating life, its simple pleasures and the many beautiful blessings from above.

In the past, I’ve received many invitations to blog, but I never got round to it. Life sometimes has a way of whisking us away and making us forget who we are, and what we enjoy. Doesn’t it? I’m glad that I got round to this. Finally. And I’m glad for this current age where we can commit to running a virtual space, and in a way, remind ourselves not to forget who we are, and how to live fully, love simply, and share generously.

I hope that you like this space. It is absolutely wonderful to share life’s many inspirations, pleasures, daydreams, and beauty. Welcome~!

pling thinks….

{ Travel }
Places where I’ve visited, dream to go one day or am visiting right this moment.
I love traveling. Who doesn’t? I want to be a professional traveler. I know…this is daydream talk, but a girl can always dream.

{ Beauty }
Skincare, bodycare, and make-up products that I love. Tried-and-tested holy grail products that work.
I used to work at a skin care company and got a crash course in ingredients. Yes, I’m one of those people who actually read ingredient labels. But, I am not a beauty junkie. I just care about what I use on my skin and face.

{ Food }
Cafe reviews, cakes recipes, restaurant reviews, desserts, and sweets.
I’m a cafe-hopper. On weekends and some weekday nights, few things in life are as pleasurable as sharing tea, coffee or cakes with friends and loved ones. And as we go cafe-hopping, we share what has been happening in our lives and drive away the ugly, the selfish, and the evil. And of course, I love baking. I think it relieves stress, and I feel happy sharing my bakes with my lovely friends.

{ Inspirations }
Sights and sounds that inspire me.
It can be anything, from photographs to words, from colors to shapes. God’s miraculous creations in this world and His many blessings in this life.

{ Handmade }
Handmade goodies. From jewelry and plush to furniture and home furnishings.
When my mummy was young, she was taught in dressmaking in a sewing school. She had never attended to school before, so she taught it would be great to pick up a skill. So, I grew up wearing handmade clothes and listening to the whirl of the sewing machine. Maybe that’s why I start making jewelry in my school days, and I’ve never stopped since then. It keeps me balanced and happy, seeing my hands go to work under the direction of my mind and heart. I will always love and appreciate handmade goods – its handiwork, its carpentry… and most importantly, its heart.


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This blog is a part of me that I share with you, and I work hard amidst my commitments to bring you meaningful content that I hope you’d love. Many bloggers have stopped posting due to the weight of daily commitments, or regrettably, unethical people stealing their work. I thank you for your respect and appreciation, and for taking time to read my posts.

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