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Skincare Reviews and Tips // Top 8 Cleansing Oils

Gone are the days when we have to use cold cream to vigorously rub off our makeup. I remember pulling at my skin using many cotton pads during my teenage years, and before discovering the wonder of cleansing oils. Since then, I’ve not looked back. Why? Because they are fast, simple and effective in removing all traces of makeup, including stubborn eyeliner and coats of mascara. Even though I have sensitive skin, veering from oily to combination depending on the weather and environment, I swear by cleansing oils to cleanly remove makeup without fuss and without breakouts. Like many, I thought that I should never use oil on oily skin. It would make it worse and even oilier, right? Wrong! It’s worse to go to bed with your skin still hinting of makeup in corners, clogged up, and unable to breathe. The technology has advanced so much that many cleansing oils are light and emulsify well to be totally removed by a single wash with no trace of oil remaining on our skin. With that … // Review of Lunamer and Giveaway

As a woman juggling commitments at work, family, social life and new adventures, I’m sure that I speak for many when we say that our “clock” just go haywire. Late nights, erratic meal times and lack of sleep make us look dull like old silver. Worse, our skin starts to exhibit this tired, yellow tinge, instead of bright, rosy undertones. I was given a Lunamer Trial Kit to address some of the signs my tired skin is starting to show. What with late-night crafting and writing, I need a quick fix before I head out to meet some people. And one star product worked wonders for me! Friends complimented that I looked more radiant. They thought that I have had more sleep. But how wrong they were! I was actually handcrafting products till wee hours in the morning. Curious what that star product is? Hop over to for the review. There’s also a giveaway happening now till April 13, 2014, where 3 lucky winners can get to try the products for themselves. // Fortify Your Lashes

One work day, as I brushed on mascara on my eyelashes, I noticed that they were not as thick and full as it was before, even though the mascara that I used was the same. Wanting to protect and strengthen my lashes, before they start to fall out, I started applying eyelash serums 6 years back. I bought my first eyelash tonic in Rome, when I read reviews about this little stick of magic that will lengthen, strengthen and thicken your lashes. Now, there are more choices in Singapore as compared to then. I don’t curl my eyelashes. Thanks to my parents whom I inherited naturally curled lashes, which make me want to protect and preserve this asset that I’ve been blessed with. So, for my friends who do curl, perm, put on mascara or fake eyelashes, I think you would also share this same fear as me – that one day, our lashes would be reduced to a miserable few before we truly age. This is the reason why I wrote this article, hopping … // Review of ASTALIFT Skincare

To be absolutely honest, I have not come across ASTALIFT till I had to head for appointments in ION Orchard previously. I passed by their retail shop but didn’t get a chance to walk in. It wasn’t until I was handed a trial kit of ASTALIFT that I came into skin contact (pun intended) with this anti-aging skincare. Having won numerous awards in Japan and Singapore, I was surprised that I didn’t discover this brand earlier. Now, I can safely say that I’m a convert of some of their key products, seeing how they make my skin look more supple. Friends even commented that I looked more radiant. They thought that I have had more sleep. But I knew the only thing that had changed during that 1 week was that I was trying out the sample-sized products in the ASTALIFT Trial Kit. I especially love their cleanser, which smells like a walk in an English rose garden. Before I reveal more on this post, please head over to to read the full review. …

Travel Must-Have #2 // Avene Lip Balm with Cold Cream

Whenever I go overseas, I’m always armed with a lip balm or chap stick. The change in humidity, air-conditioning, cabin air, hectic schedules, and sometimes, drinking less water than usual, causes my lips to peel so bad that I wish there is an immediate solution to relieve the pain and the discomfort. Trust me, I’ve used so many sticks, tried too many brands and even resorted to the hassle of scrubbing my lips and moisturizing every night during trips, when time could have been better used to catch up on beauty sleep. My friend recommended this amazing Avène Lip Balm with Cold Cream when I admired her nice, matte lips. From then on, there was no looking back. This emollient lip balm immediately moisturizes my cracked lips without that icky oiliness that I absolutely hate, and without that fake fruit smell. And because it’s so good, I hardly have to reapply as often as I do with other lip balms. In other words, one stick lasted long. Its antioxidant formula protected my lips as I …