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Travel Must-Have #2 // Avene Lip Balm with Cold Cream

Whenever I go overseas, I’m always armed with a lip balm or chap stick. The change in humidity, air-conditioning, cabin air, hectic schedules, and sometimes, drinking less water than usual, causes my lips to peel so bad that I wish there is an immediate solution to relieve the pain and the discomfort. Trust me, I’ve used so many sticks, tried too many brands and even resorted to the hassle of scrubbing my lips and moisturizing every night during trips, when time could have been better used to catch up on beauty sleep. My friend recommended this amazing Avène Lip Balm with Cold Cream when I admired her nice, matte lips. From then on, there was no looking back. This emollient lip balm immediately moisturizes my cracked lips without that icky oiliness that I absolutely hate, and without that fake fruit smell. And because it’s so good, I hardly have to reapply as often as I do with other lip balms. In other words, one stick lasted long. Its antioxidant formula protected my lips as I …