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Cherry Blossoms Nara Must See - Fujiwara Palace Ruins Rapeseed Flower Field

Fujiwara Palace Ruins // Nara’s Flower Field Paradise

Fujiwara Palace Ruins 藤原宮跡 in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture is a must-see during spring when both cherry blossoms and rapeseed flowers are in bloom, creating a gorgeous flower field set against a background of mountains.

Shinsen-en // Garden of Divine Springs

Shinsen-en (神泉苑) or Garden of Divine Springs is a surprise discovery, en-route to Nijo Castle. I was a little lost, walking a long way from Nijo Station and not seeing the castle, I wandered into Shinsen-en hoping to get some directions from the kind-looking locals sitting in the shade. I was really glad that I did. This is one of those moments I will always love during travels – not really planning, and stumbling upon a beautiful place or a hidden corner that was not as widely-written as those on my itinerary. In all sense of the experience, a discovery of a hidden treasure. It is after seeing this beauty that I did some research after I returned from Kyoto. The crimson bridge will catch your eyes when you first enter Shinsen-en. Hosei Bridge 法成橋 has an elegant curved line, which reflects perfectly in the pond surface, where its strong vermilion seems to quiver with every ripple and every wave. The azaleas shrubs along the length of the pond made mirror images on the pond …