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Gone are the days when we have to use cold cream to vigorously rub off our makeup. I remember pulling at my skin using many cotton pads during my teenage years, and before discovering the wonder of cleansing oils. Since then, I’ve not looked back.

Top 8 Cleansing OilsWhy? Because they are fast, simple and effective in removing all traces of makeup, including stubborn eyeliner and coats of mascara. Even though I have sensitive skin, veering from oily to combination depending on the weather and environment, I swear by cleansing oils to cleanly remove makeup without fuss and without breakouts.

Like many, I thought that I should never use oil on oily skin. It would make it worse and even oilier, right? Wrong! It’s worse to go to bed with your skin still hinting of makeup in corners, clogged up, and unable to breathe. The technology has advanced so much that many cleansing oils are light and emulsify well to be totally removed by a single wash with no trace of oil remaining on our skin.

With that many years of using cleansing oils behind me, I’ve compiled this list of the Top 8 Cleansing Oils on

Beauty-Pati - Top 8 Cleansing Oils

For those with oily skin, I would recommend a “double cleanse” with some of the cleansing oils. This means to follow up with your usual facial cleanser after removing your makeup. I am a bit of a stickler for clean skin before bed, so I like to ensure that my skin is ready to absorb all the goodness of my lotion, toner and serum.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite Cleansing Oil?

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