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Five and Dime Eatery // Changed to Fat Lulu’s

[UPDATE] Five and Dime Eatery has changed its name and concept. It’s now known as Fat Lulu’s, serving grilled food and small plates. After looking at my friend’s photos on Instagram, pling thinks…it’s time to gather some friends to check out this quaint cafe, Five and Dime, along River Valley Road. Somehow, the name conjures up memories of ordering kopi and teh in coffeeshops at the price of S$0.50. And in that nostalgic mood, we trot to this cafe in search of some elements from the good ol’ days. Long bay windows greeted us, and those windows let in some cozy afternoon light into the cafe. Lovely. Nice chairs. Mightily important to have them, especially if we are going to chill the afternoon afternoon. We found the cafe charming with its tiled floor and vintage wares, juxtaposed against a modern bar counter. Brunch ends at 2.30pm. Coffee and desserts are served all day round. And of course some coffee to warm up the system. I ordered a Cafe Mocha and a Mini Guinness Cupcake. Cafe …